Enseñanza de los elementos notables del triángulo utilizando objetos de aprendizaje y LMS

  1. Pedro Antonio Corcho Sánchez
Supervised by:
  1. Ricardo Luengo González Director
  2. María José Cáceres García Director

Defence university: Universidad de Extremadura

Year of defence: 2016

  1. José María Chamoso Sánchez Chair
  2. Cesário Paulo Lameiras Almeida Secretary
  3. Ana Caballero Carrasco Committee member
  4. Luis M. Casas García Committee member
  5. Ana Belén Sánchez García Committee member

Type: Thesis


The development of the ICT makes possible the emergence of new educational formulas that have been adapted to the European Higher Education Area. Among these formulas, we are going to refer to those that have been called Blearning. Nowdays the University presents a methodological change, which involves transforming the University of teaching into the University of learning. Teachers have to change their role of disseminators of knowledge and transmitters of information to become facilitators of student learning and designers of Teaching / Learning situations. Students attending evening classes at the Faculty of Teacher Education in Caceres, usually try to combine this career with work, family and other obligations. This special situation often leads students to leave the study of Mathematics for the last examination sessions. In this research, we have designed, implemented and analyzed a model to enhance mathematical skills when working in an interactive and collaborative Teaching / Learning environment. Specifically, we have analyzed the effectiveness of a system Blearning, by applying it to teach some concepts of Geometry (Notable elements of the Triangle). We have developed Learning Objects in SCORM format by using the eXelearning and Geogebra software that has been provided to students through Moodle.Later we have analyzed the �Pathfinder� associative networks of the two groups of students in a pre-test and post-test, and we have done a descriptive and statistical analysis of the variables studied. Finally, he have made a survey among the students in order to , know their ratings about the method that we have used, and we have also analyzed those results.