El proceso de innovación de la empresa españolaidentificación de patrones de innovación

  1. Juan Manuel de la Fuente Sabaté
  2. Jesús Galende del Canto
Cuadernos de economía y dirección de la empresa

ISSN: 1138-5758

Year of publication: 2003

Issue: 16

Pages: 145-171

Type: Article

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The aim of this paper is to determine the variety and diversity of ways in which Spanish companies organize innovative activities. From a theoretical framework based on evolutionary theory, we propose that an unique and universal model of innovation for all the firms doesn't exist, rather different patterns of innovation coexist. Grounded on an analysis of 152 Spanish innovative companies, empirical findings confirm the existence of diversity in the innovative process followed by Spanish firms, although it is possible to characterize five patterns of innovation according to characteristics related to the technological activity and internal and external generic factors. The extent to which these patterns are associated with traditional activity sectors and with scientific fields under different technologies is also studied. Finally, it is worth pointing out that Schumpeter Mark II, characterized by "creative accumulation", is clearly identified and defined among the patterns