Software educativoevolución y tendencias

  1. Francisco José García Peñalvo
Aula: Revista de Pedagogía de la Universidad de Salamanca

ISSN: 0214-3402

Year of publication: 2002

Issue: 14

Pages: 19-29

Type: Article

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Software applied to the teaching and learning processes is one of the most relevant technological contributions to education area. The technology and education symbiotic relationship appears in the early beginning of the software history, especially as a distance learning support. This way, educational software evolves as the same level than its support technology, opening new flexible and powerful roads that enrich substantially the instructional processes. Also, knowing the great guided milestones of the educational software is necessary (especially intelligent and web-bases capabilities) in order to understand and to make the best use of the future trends that are already shaping up as a reality in this area.