Aplicación del análisis de curvaturas al estudio de superficies fracturadasun ejemplo de fallas de pequeña escala en la FM. Barrios (Asturias)

  1. S. Arcos-Fernández
  2. Gabriel Gutiérrez Alonso
  3. Gabriel Santos Delgado
Geotemas (Madrid)

ISSN: 1576-5172

Year of publication: 2000

Issue Title: V Congreso Geológico de España (Alicante, 10-14 julio 2000)

Issue: 1

Pages: 37-39

Type: Article

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Curvature analysis is one of the most used technique in failure analysis and its relationships with the geometry of the fractured surface. This technique allows to quantify the geometry of a folded surface based on its topography. In this study we made the curvature mapping of a quartzite layer which hosts two fault arrays, all the fractures being of centimetric to metric scale. Both fault spatial distribution and the curvature of the surfaces are different. One of the groups is located in a isometrically folded surface whilst the other is found in a basin-shaped folded surface. Therefore, differences in curvature values, which characterize each array, could influence fault distribution and the evolutive model of each fault group.