El Diseño Curricular de la Educación de Personas Adultas ante el nuevo reto educativoUn acercamiento didáctico desde una perspectiva tecnológica

  1. Bienvenido Mena Merchán
Aula: Revista de Pedagogía de la Universidad de Salamanca

ISSN: 0214-3402

Year of publication: 1996

Issue: 8

Pages: 153-175

Type: Article

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  • Social Sciences: C


The educative facts are only understandable if we examine their historical contexts. The study of the current educative system's structure gives us some information about its evolution, and confirms the fact that education in Spain has always been in constant debate. The economic growth and the social recomposition, as outcome of the first, accented the divergences between a new social mentality and the cultural requirements that these changes favoured, on the one hand, and the authoritarian character of the valid political organization, on the other. That contradiction was specially evident in a kind of education which combined an archaic organization with a basic function of ideological control.