Juégalo otra vez. Posibilidades creativas de la repetición en la estética de los videojuegos

  1. Alejandro Lozano
LifePlay: Revista académica internacional sobre videojuegos

ISSN: 2340-5570

Year of publication: 2016

Issue: 5

Pages: 58-76

Type: Article


In this paper we approach to repetition in video games focusing on player’s actions. Video games are fill ed with all kind of processes based on repetition, whether in the technical development of the game or in game mechanics design. Thus, repetition can be conceived as something that limits or restricts the freedom of the player, takes away verisimilitude an d means deficiencies at the design level. However, it is possible to use game mechanics based on repetition to enrich the final product by many ways, e. g. to induce particular feelings on the player, to immerse the user in the game’s universe or even to i ntroduce complex moral questions. In order to do so we present in first place a typology of the most frequent processes based on repeti- tion that the players have to face while they play. Then we provide an analysis of three video games that have in common the use of repetition as a core feature in their game mechanics.