Publications (29) Publications in which a researcher has participated


  1. A comparative study on online machine learning techniques for network traffic streams analysis

    Computer Networks

  2. Advances in Explainable Artificial Intelligence and Edge Computing Applications

    Electronics (Switzerland)

  3. Advances in Sustainable Smart Cities and Territories

    Electronics (Switzerland)


    CEUR Workshop Proceedings

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  6. Computational intelligence applied to cybersecurity

    Expert Systems

  7. Cybersecurity applications of computational intelligence

    Neural Computing and Applications

  8. Developing Smartness in Emerging Environments and Applications with a Focus on the Internet of Things


  9. Editorial: Blockchain based sustainable, secure healthcare systems

    Computer Networks

  10. Editorial: Special issue HAIS19-IGPL

    Logic Journal of the IGPL

  11. Editorial: Using Technology to Combat Diseases and Help People With Disabilities

    Frontiers in Psychology

  12. Mathematics and Its Applications in Science and Engineering


  13. Preface

    Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems

  14. Preface

    Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems

  15. Preface

    Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems

  16. Preface

    Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems

  17. Preface

    Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics

  18. Preface

    Lecture Notes in Educational Technology

  19. Preface

    Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies, CISTI

  20. Preface

    Studies in Computational Intelligence