Patrones de masculinidad y feminidad asociados al ciclo de la violencia de género

  1. Delgado Álvarez, Carmen
  2. Iraegui Torralbo, Ana
  3. Marquina Torres, Loreto
  4. Martín Tabernero, María Francisca
  5. Palacios Vicario, Beatriz
  6. Plaza Sánchez, Juan F.
  7. Sendín Melguizo, Pedro Pablo
  8. Pérez Grande, María Dolores
  9. Revuelta Domínguez, Francisco Ignacio
  10. Sánchez Gómez, María Cruz
Revista de investigación educativa, RIE

ISSN: 0212-4068

Year of publication: 2007

Issue Title: Investigación, género y educación

Volume: 25

Issue: 1

Pages: 187-217

Type: Article

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The aim of this study is to identify masculine and feminine gender role patterns thah are associated with gender violence. This goal requires the realization of two studies. In the first study a "Gender Role" scale will be designed, since there are only translations that have been proved inadequate in the psychometric analyses. Following the current line of researh, the taxonomy of the personality lexicon in our country (Iraegui, 1999) will be used, shile making use of stratified samples for sex, age and cultural level. In the second study, on the basis of the validated instrument, the differences between the samples of women that do not suffer from gender violence, abused women that are not implicated in the cycle of gender violence and abused women implicated in the cycle of gender violence will be studied. The samples will be selected equializing social variables. The comparision will be realized by means of quantitative methodology (study of results) and qualitative methodology (study of processes). Parting from the results, the areas that allow to discriminate gender role patterns associated with the cycle of gender violence will be analysed. Areas of cognitive restructuring, at the intervention level and prevention level, will be proposed.