Soil erosion in a semi-arid mediterranean environment. El Ardal experimental field (Murcia, Spain)

  1. López Bermúdez, Francisco 1
  2. Romero Díaz, María Asunción 1
  3. Martínez Fernández, José 1
  1. 1 Universidad de Murcia

    Universidad de Murcia

    Murcia, España


Soil erosion studies in Spain
  1. Sala, María (ed. lit.)
  2. Rubio, José Luis (ed. lit.)
  3. García Ruiz, José María (ed. lit.)

Publisher: Geoforma

ISBN: 84-87779-04-2

Year of publication: 1991

Pages: 137-152

Type: Book chapter


In the El Ardal Experimental Field (Cuenca de Mula, SE Spain), studies on soil erosion have been carried out since 1989. These are taken from two automatic stations, one meterological and another hydrological, 17 erosion plots and six plots for plant study. Up to now the results have shown, on the whole, a low rate of erosion. This is due to the relatively large quantity of plant cover (about 60%), limestone substratum, fairly permeable soil (calcic xerosol) and lack of energy in the recorded rains. A minimum rainfall threshold (3-5mm) has been noted. Below this figure overland flow is not registered. Erosion and flow rates are related more to intensity than to quantity of rain. -Authors