La película "Ratatouille" como producto de consumode la metaficción a la transmodernidad

  1. Gutiérrez San Miguel, Begoña
  2. Acle Vicente, Daniel
Actas II Congreso Internacional Sociedad Digital: espacios para la interactividad y la inmersión
  1. García García, Francisco (dir. congr.)
  2. Gértrudix Barrio, Manuel (coord.)
  3. Gértrudix Barrio, Felipe (coord.)

Publisher: Icono 14 Asociación Científica

ISBN: 978-84-939077-5-4

Year of publication: 2011

Volume: 2

Pages: 877-888

Congress: Congreso Internacional Sociedad Digital (2. 2011. Madrid)

Type: Conference paper


The entertainment in the postmodern seems linked to the banal. Research is part of another concept that of "transmodernity" (Rodriguez Magda), applied to the film "Ratatouille" as a way out of such banality. Their study has been a step forward in the given by the semiotic study of signs and signifiers, stated that the signs are affecting reality. "Ratatouille" (2007) animated film produced by Pixar and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures, constructed by technological means, with a script seemingly simple and straightforward, reflecting a strong background that transcends the metafictional leading to the concept proposed by transmodernity. The research objective: to establish networks metafictionals film narrative through the reflection of values and posed by Kant as a reference of the deep convictions of man that will determine the manner and to guide its actions vital to the incorporation network of distribution and exhibition, social networks linked to the film as an object of consumption The results show the importance of conveying complex concepts of human thought in a simple manner using the techniques of universal communication, animation, reaching mainstream audiences. The use of social networks as distribution channels and key exhibition and the aftermath involved marketing the film with a linked network games, DVD, assert that there is a product with an expiration date. One obvious conclusion is that the hatching process of the virtual places cyber technology in the era of digital hegemony of reason.