Contribución al estudio de las presas y ninfeos hispanosel conjunto monumental del Burgo (Alfaro, La Rioja)

  1. Ariño Gil, Enrique
  2. Hernández Vera, José Antonio
  3. Núñez Marcén, Julio
  4. Martínez Torrecilla, José Manuel
Zephyrus: Revista de prehistoria y arqueología

ISSN: 0514-7336

Year of publication: 1998

Issue: 51

Pages: 219-236

Type: Article

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This paper studies a group of Roman remains comprised of a dam, a bridge and a nymphaeum, situated on the banks of the river Alhama and on the outskirts of the Roman city Graccurris (Alfaro, La Roja). Although the constructions have been considerably damaged by the destructive action of the river, the conservation of the nymphaeum is striking. It consists of a rectangular space covered by a barrel vault, with a spring at the back and a pool on the inside. Both the ceramic pieces found at the excavation and the stylictic characteristics of the work enable us to definitley attribute it to the Roman period, with it being reused at times from the lower Middle Ages to the present.