La presa y el ninfeo del Sotillo (Alfaro, La Rioja)un conjunto monumental en la vía De Italia in Hispanias

  1. Ariño Gil, Enrique
  2. Hernández Vera, José Antonio
  3. Martínez Torrecilla, José Manuel
  4. Núñez Marcén, Julio
Zephyrus: Revista de prehistoria y arqueología

ISSN: 0514-7336

Year of publication: 1999

Issue: 52

Pages: 239-260

Type: Article

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  • Social Sciences: A
  • Human Sciences: A+


A study is made of Román remains located beside the Alhama River near the city of Gracurris (Alfaro, La Rioja). The site had already been plundered in ancient times so it was incomplete when uncovered, and a large number of the architectural materials had been moved from their original positions. The remains that are in the best state of preservation are those of a dam built of large sandstone blocks. A large monumental group can be restored from the isolated architectural materials left that were not plundered, including a nymphaeum and a small temple, in addition to the dam. It can also be shown that the Román road De Italia in Hispanias went through this site, since an Augustan milestone has also been found. After having been plundered, the site was completely buried by a layer of alluvium brought by a rise in the Alhama River. Román ceramic materials were found in the excavation of this layer, but there were no remains from later periods, so the flood can be dated at the end of the 2nd century.