Procesos educativos en la escuela ruralFormación del profesorado, práctica docente y expectativas ante la reforma educativa

  1. Margarita González Sánchez
  2. Ángel García del Dujo
Revista española de pedagogía

ISSN: 0034-9461

Year of publication: 1999

Volume: 57

Issue: 213

Pages: 309-338

Type: Article

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  • Social Sciences: B


The quality of education is nowadays a basic target in educational policies. But any attempt to transform or to improve educational practices should rely on teachers as basic and major agents within the processes of educational reforms. That is why we have thought it¿s necessary to ask for the collaboration of the teachers and governing boards in order to be able to identify and to analyse some aspects and problems which have been detected in the implementation and introduction of the educational reform. In our study about rural schools we have tried to discover the degree of identification of rural teachers with some of the aspects of the teaching-learning and to what extent they approve or disapprove these aspects. Some of the indicators that we have discovered must be considered interesting, but they might not be exhaustive or determinant, for the ever continuous process of the improvement of educational quality.