Plantas medicinales españolas"Hyssopus officinalis" L. (hisopo) (Lamiaceae)

  1. Luz María Muñoz Centeno
  2. María Teresa Santos Bobillo
  3. María Teresa Alonso Beato
Studia botanica

ISSN: 0211-9714

Year of publication: 2001

Issue: 20

Pages: 135-144

Type: Article

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The present monographic of Hyssopus officinalis L. contains the botanical description of the plant, ecology, corology, growing, gathering and the drug conservation. The morphological and anatomical microscopic characteristics of the oficinal organs are analysed, after that, these knowledges are applied to the plant fragments. The therapeutical applications are studied once its chemical composition and its pharmacological action are analised. We have made reference to its possible toxicology, to its contraindications and to its quality control.