Reflexiones sobre el poblamiento rural altomedieval en el Norte de la península ibérica

  1. Martín Viso, Iñaki
  2. Barrios García, Ángel
Studia historica. Historia medieval

ISSN: 0213-2060

Year of publication: 2000

Issue: 18-19

Pages: 53-83

Type: Article

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This work analyses the papers of the published dossier "The Galician- Asturian-Leonese settlement in the Early Middle Ages: pre-Roman, Roman and Visigothic heritage" and the most recent research on this topic. The great advances in the recent approach concerning on the study of the settlement patterns have made clear the irnportance of this in order to irnprove the knowledge of Early Medieval society and of the formation of feudalism in the Iberian Northwest. However, there are already a lot of questions regarding the explanation of these processes and the interpretations have some theoretical and methodological problems which are the aim of some critical reflections.