Análisis de los caracteres con valor diagnóstico diferencial en Prunus x gondouinii (A.Poit. & Turpin)Rehder y sus parentales Prunus avium L. y Prunus cerasus L.

  1. Pérez Sánchez, Rodrigo
  2. Morales Corts, Remedios
  3. Sánchez Anta, María Angeles
  4. Amor Morales, Ángel
  5. Navarro Andrés, Florentino
Botanica complutensis

ISSN: 0214-4565

Year of publication: 2008

Issue: 32

Pages: 193-203

Type: Article

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SCImago Journal Rank

  • Year 2008
  • SJR Journal Impact: 0.107
  • Best Quartile: Q4
  • Area: Plant Science Quartile: Q4 Rank in area: 293/350
  • Area: Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics Quartile: Q4 Rank in area: 445/498


In the present paper, we offer a botanical description of the Prunus x gondouinii Rehd. (Prunus avium L. x Prunus cerasus L.) with a view to furnishing a clear identification and differentiation because it is often confused with some of its progenitors. This taxon was first named in 1946 by Rehder, but to date no detailed descriptions of it have been made.