Agenda 21 Local: efecto de las estructuras organizativa y política en la organización social

  1. Prado Lorenzo, José Manuel
  2. García Sánchez, Isabel María
Revista de economía mundial

ISSN: 1576-0162

Year of publication: 2009

Issue: 21

Pages: 195-226

Type: Article

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Concern about the improper use of natural resources is causing changes to be made in order to reach what is known as Sustainable Development. Local Agenda 21 is a programme that involves the commitment of local government to this goal. In this paper, the characteristics of the social organization used by European municipalities to develop Local Agenda 21 are analysed to determine the effect that the organisational and political structures of town councils have on the social organisation practices carried out, controlling for certain municipal characteristics.To do so, diverse dependence models based on multiple linear regression estimations were carried out on a sample of 97 European towns subscribing the Aalborg Charter. The results point to the importance of organisational structure, but only a limited effect of the political structure is observed. Thus, a leftist ideology involves a fostering of social participation, whereas the leadership of the Mayor and his or her stay in power is only noted in certain specific aspects and in a different way. The existence of opposing effect in municipal characteristics is also observed.