Sobre "Delphinium sordidum" Cuatrec. y otras aportaciones a la flora del occidente del Sistema Central español

  1. Francisco Amich García
  2. Enrique Rico Hernández
Anales del Jardín Botánico de Madrid

ISSN: 0211-1322

Year of publication: 1981

Volume: 38

Issue: 1

Pages: 153-164

Type: Article

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15 taxa of chorologic interest from western Spain are commented. Severa] aspects of the taxonomy, nomendature and ecology of "Delphinium sordidum Cuatrec." are studied, and a new combination and status is proposed for it: D. fissum Waldst. & Kit. subsp. sordidum (Cuatrec.) F. Amich, E. Rico & J . Sánchez; another new combination is proposed: Omalotheca supina (L.) DC. var. pusilla (Haenke) F. Amich, E. Rico & J . Sánchez. Among the rest, the following are remarkable: Mucizonia lagascae (Pau) Laínz and Carex lachenalii Schkuhr.