Análisis de las características geométricas y desarrollo temporal de un sistema de diaclasas en las rocas triásicas del límite Cordillera Ibérica- Sistema Central

  1. A. Sevillano-Matilla
  2. Gabriel Gutiérrez Alonso
  3. M. R. Gross

ISSN: 0213-683X

Year of publication: 2000

Issue: 29

Pages: 127-130

Type: Article

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The mesozoic and tertiary rocks at the Iberian Range-Spanish Central System boundary in Guadalajara (Spain) depict a very important development of systematic joint sets. This study is focused on a detailed and systematic analysis of the orientations and lengths of the joints, and the relationship between both geometric parameters in two well exposed outcrops called Atance 1 and Atance 2. Both outcrops are located on two nearly horizontal beds of Muschelkalk dolomites and have been mapped in great detail (1:5 scale). The geometric parameters (orientation and length) analysis allows the identification of four sets of systematic joints. The relative timing of joints development has been studied through the analysis of the abutting relationship of the different data sets