Aluminofosfatitas silúricas de la península Ibéricasíntesis preliminar

  1. Moro, M.
  2. Montero, J.M.
  3. Gil Agero, M.
  4. Cembranos, M.L.
  5. Pérez del Villar Guillén, L.
  6. Fernández Fernández, Agustina
  7. Hernández, E.
Boletín de la Sociedad Española de Mineralogía

ISSN: 0210-6558

Year of publication: 1992

Volume: 15

Issue: 1

Pages: 227-232

Type: Article

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The metallogenic characteristcs of stratiform variscite deposits in the Iberian Península have been reviewed. As a result, the different occurrences have been classified and correlated, and genetic model has been proposed. Some criteria that can serve prospecting guides in similar geological environments are proposed.