Diversidad y dominancia en las comunidades de matorral de la Sierra de Béjar

  1. García Rodríguez, José Antonio
  2. Puerto Martín, Ángel
  3. Matías, M. D.
  4. Saldaña Moral, J. Alberto
Studia botanica

ISSN: 0211-9714

Year of publication: 1989

Issue: 8

Pages: 35-49

Type: Article

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The relationships structure, measured as diversity, and environmental conditions, were studied in shrub communities of the Sierra de Bejar (Central Massif, Spain) placing special emphasis on bioclimate, topography and the impact of human activities. Automatic ordination of the data from 354 releves together with comparative analysis of diversity revealed that human activities constitute the factor that most affects the development and current situation of the different shrub communities.