La edición científica ante el nuevo paradigma digital

  1. Julio Alonso Arévalo
  2. José Antonio Cordón García
  3. Bruno Maltrás
Boletín de la Asociación Andaluza de Bibliotecarios

ISSN: 0213-6333

Year of publication: 2016

Year: 31

Issue: 111

Pages: 64-94

Type: Article

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  • Year 2016
  • Journal Impact: 0.130
  • Field: DOCUMENTACIÓN Quartile: C3 Rank in field: 12/25


  • Social Sciences: D


The digital edition marks a before and after in almost every discipline and gender fields, the application of technology is not a neutral element with respect to reading, research and learning. Here is an analysis of the characteristics and trends of digital publishing in the scientific field, evolutionary and disruptive regarding its printed counterpart is made particularities. Therefore a methodology that applied at the time Marshal Macluhan where the innovative character of a technology based on a number of issues such as which increase or intensify, making obsolete or displace be analyzed is used, which recover previously had expired, what produce or become when compressed to the extreme. Depending on the aspects considered it concludes that institutions, publishers, and users should take advantage of the new capabilities of digital format as the different marketing capabilities to adapt them more precisely to the needs of users, and how they can harness the potential of the new format to better use learning systems and scientific research.