La obra religiosa de Luis de Horna

  1. Laura Muñoz Pérez
Salamanca: revista de estudios

ISSN: 0212-7105

Year of publication: 2017

Issue: 61

Pages: 203-228

Type: Article

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  • Social Sciences: D
  • Human Sciences: D


Luis de Horna is one of the most important and award -winning Spahish illustrators of the 20th century second-half. He won the National Prize for Children's Literature (Illustration) in 1981, holds countless national and international awards and has starred in numerous solo and group exhibitions. His work, beyond this field, encompasses other disciplines such as engraving or painting and his iconography, vertebrated for his love of nature, cosmos, men and their capacities (literature, music or cinema), concentrates vibrant color, two-dimensional space and marked line to express the author's defense of optimism, vital joy and passion. Profound believer, much of his artistic and existential mark comes from his spirituality and deep Christian experience, to wich he responds through that are analyzed in this essay.