Los estadios de fútbol en el siglo XXI

  1. Laura Muñoz Pérez
Tsantsa: Revista de investigaciones artísticas

ISSN: 1390-8448

Year of publication: 2013

Issue: 1

Pages: 98-114

Type: Article

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  • Human Sciences: D


Current architecture, that is a slipstream of the needs of the world, focuses its efforts on diversifying shapes, sizes, volumes and images of their creations, in addition to expand the existing building typologies or to improve them with unusual examples. Although the sports architecture has past and history and the experience that participants and spectators perceive hasn’t changed too much among the centuries, the new technologies and materials applied to architecture and the artist's desire to leave his original mark; all that conditions the most recent examples of this category (in particular soccer). Some of them are threshed in the following lines.