Forum for Dialogue on Childhood and JusticeFrom Theory to Praxis

  1. Mar Cabezas 1
  1. 1 University of Salzburg

    University of Salzburg

    Salzburgo, Austria



ISSN: 1989-7022

Year of publication: 2016

Issue: 21

Pages: 171-187

Type: Article

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  • Year 2016
  • Journal Impact: 0.120
  • Field: FILOSOFÍA Quartile: C1 Rank in field: 13/98


  • Human Sciences: D


Ethical and justice problems, those issues about what should be done, what we owe each other, and what would be fair, join, in turn, two types of challenges, namely, theoretical and practical ones. These, for the sake of simplicity, are in many cases divided. However, they should not lose sight of each other for a long time. Indeed, the ethical issues of social justice for children raised in this issue of Dilemata need not only theoretical solutions and suggestions, but also practical proposals about how to implement those solutions. Theory and reality, theory and action are therefore two pieces of the same puzzle. In other words, when it comes to addressing challenges on justice and children in the world today, we should not only focus on how to answer and justify the question of what to do, what measures would be fairer, etc., but also on how to implement those solutions and measures considered fair. In this regard, issues of justice for children contain not only theoretical problems, but eminently practical problems. For this reason, this monograph concludes with a forum to impulse the dialogue and debate among experts working directly with many of the problems addressed in this issue from an academic perspective.