Elaborando cómics en tiempo de confinamiento para aprender matemáticas en Educación Infantil y Primaria

  1. Beatriz Sánchez-Barbero 1
  2. María José Cáceres García 1
  3. José María Chamoso Sánchez 1
  4. María de las Mercedes Rodríguez Sánchez 1
  5. David Rodríguez Muelas 1
  1. 1 Universidad de Salamanca

    Universidad de Salamanca

    Salamanca, España

    ROR https://ror.org/02f40zc51

Magister: Revista miscelánea de investigación

ISSN: 0212-6796

Datum der Publikation: 2020

Ausgabe: 32

Nummer: 1

Seiten: 97-101

Art: Artikel

Andere Publikationen in: Magister: Revista miscelánea de investigación


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  • Jahr 2020
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The situation generated by the pandemic declared in March 2020 led to a transformation of education developed in face-to-face contexts to virtual. Here is a design experience with future teachers of Preschool and Primary Education whose objective is to develop comics as a teaching resource. For this, the students are distributed in pairs and make a comic to introduce, explain or reinforce the selected mathematical content. The experimentation carried out shows as a result a variety of contexts, often relating them to other subjects such as history. Furthermore, student motivation increased compared to the usual way of working. All this, together with the ability of students to abstract when working mathematics from the comic, makes this resource a useful one to keep in mind in mathematics classrooms.