Apego tecnológico y uso futuro de dispositivos móviles entre los estudiantes del máster de educación secundaria

  1. José Carlos Sánchez Prieto
  2. Susana Olmos Migueláñez
  3. Francisco José García Peñalvo

Publisher: Asociacion Interuniversitaria de Investigacion Pedagógica (AIDIPE)

ISBN: 978-84-697-4106-1

Year of publication: 2017

Pages: 807-816

Congress: Congreso Internacional de Investigación Educativa (AIDIPE) (18. 2017. Salamanca)

Type: Conference paper


The past few years have seen an increase in the number of programmes within Spain aimed at the provision of mobile devices to schools to promote their integration in the classroom. However, these initiatives require the cooperation of today’s and tomorrow’s teachers in order to achieve an effective methodological change. This paper analyses the results of a study on the disposition of the students from the Master’s Degree for Secondary Education Teacher Training of the University of Salamanca to integrate the use of mobile devices in their future teaching practice. To this end, we have elaborated a TAM-based model, expanded with the construct “attachment”. The results of the study show that, although the students show an overall positive attitude towards the use of mobile devices in the classroom, there is still much room for improvement, particularly regarding the attitudes related to the students’ attachment to the devices in the professional environment and their perceived usefulness.