Monedas antiguas halladas en el solar del Colegio Trilingüe de Salamanca

  1. Diego Barrios Rodríguez
  2. Cruces Blázquez Cerrato
Revista Numismática OMNI

ISSN: 2104-8363

Year of publication: 2020

Issue: 14

Pages: 173-198

Type: Article

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This paper presents a review and analysis of the numismatic material recovered during the excavation of a plot of the Salamanca located in the historic center. Until now, only a small preview of the results from the archaeological intervention carried out there had been published. The recovery of the information on the contexts in which the coins were found has allowed an approximation of the monetary circulation in ancient Salmantica. The interest increases if we take into account the scarcity of coin finds in this city