Evolución de cuatro grupos de micropolucionantes orgánicos durante la potabilizacíón del agua de seis poblaciones de la provincia de Salamanca

  1. Fernandez Gutierrez, M.J.
  2. Garcia-Villanova, R.J.
  3. Gomez Barez, J.A.
  4. Garcia Hermida, C.
Revista de toxicología

ISSN: 0212-7113

Any de publicació: 1992

Volum: 9

Número: 2

Pàgines: 72-77

Tipus: Article

Altres publicacions en: Revista de toxicología


A comparative study on sixdrinkingwa ter treatment plants, from sixtowns of the provinceof Sa lamanca, with different sources and designs, has been made. A number of four parameters was analysed: total phenols, anionic surfactants, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons and trihalomethanes. Although the design ofthese plantsisnot intendedto carry out namely a chemical correction of waters, however to a varyingextent it can be drawn a clair fallin levéiswithtreat ment in the three formerswhile in the fourth appearence is confírmed just due to treatment.