Plaguicidas organoclorados en aguas de captación para abastecimiento de la provincia de Salamanca

  1. Garcia de Tiedra, M.P.
  2. Garcia Hermida, C.
  3. Gomez Barez, J.A.
  4. Garcia-Villanova, R.J.
Revista de toxicología

ISSN: 0212-7113

Year of publication: 1991

Volume: 8

Issue: 3

Pages: 389-400

Type: Article

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Pollution levéis and a time following-up of13organochlorinated pesticides residues in rawwaters forthe supply of6 townsofthe provinceofSalamancawere stu died, using gas chromatography. Amostfrecuently encountered group was thatofthethree hexachlorocyclohexane isomers(a-HCH, p-HCH and y-HCH), followed byheptachlorand a-endosulfan. Dieldrin and p.p'-DDTresidues were also detected. Individual and total máximumvalúes determined did not exceed the máximum allowed concentrations stablished bythespanishregulation.