Epracticum: Plataforma Virtual de Gestión del Practicum

  1. Mª Estrella López Pérez 1
  2. Mª del Mar González-Tablas Sastre 1
  3. Alberto Valentín Centeno 1
  4. María Cortes Rodríguez 1
  5. Jesús López Lucas 1
  6. Rubén Simón Conde 1
  1. 1 Universidad de Salamanca

    Universidad de Salamanca

    Salamanca, España

    ROR https://ror.org/02f40zc51

Segundas jornadas de innovación docente en la Universidad de Salamanca
  1. Dolores Pereira Gómez (coord.)
  2. Juan Antonio Rodríguez Sánchez (coord.)
  3. José Luis de las Heras Santos (coord.)

Argitaletxea: Universidad de Salamanca

ISBN: 978-84-695-8722-5

Argitalpen urtea: 2013

Orrialdeak: 249-254

Biltzarra: Jornadas de Innovación Docente en la Universidad de Salamanca (2. 2013. Salamanca)

Mota: Biltzar ekarpena


Introduction: In recent years the use of the virtual classrooms is being implemented as a common teaching strategy. On this line, the Practicum commission at the School of Psychology at the University of Salamanca has created the Epracticum online platform to improve the teaching and learning process during the stay in the centers of practices. The main goal of this study is to analyze the valuations that the students have made of the Practicum/internship for the Developmental and Educational Psychology areas on Epracticum. Methodology: At the end of their Practicum/internship, 60 students completed the Epracticum Platform Evaluation Questionnaire online. For data analysis the spreadsheet software Office Excel 2007 was used. Results: In general, the psychology students believe that this tool is useful for developing their practices. The friendly environment and the accessibility of the content and Professors together with the different modules and communication fosters their interest in the subject. Conclusion: Epracticum is a tool which our students feel comfortable and engages them in their practices. The use of new virtual resources is one aspect to be considered with a view to its optimization.