Castilla y León. Las comarcas como base operativa y para una eventual reducción municipalel caso práctico de Burgos

  1. Guillermo Morales Matos
  2. Benjamín Méndez García
  3. Juan Ignacio Plaza Gutiérrez
Práctica urbanística: Revista mensual de urbanismo

ISSN: 1579-4911

Year of publication: 2022

Issue: 177

Type: Article

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This article is the second in a series on the subject of a detailed proposal for the regional division of Spain, with a view to the search for efficiency in the provision of services of local and provincial administrations, especially for rural areas in the process of depopulation. For Castilla y León, a proposal of 193 regions is collected in which to group 2,248 municipalities, including urban and metropolitan. The case of Burgos is added as a methodological proposal.