Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Benzodiazepines Analogues as Anti-Tubuling Agents

  1. Pilar Puebla 12
  2. Rafael Peláez 12
  3. Manuel Medarde 12
  4. Raquel Álvarez 12
  5. Myriam González 12
  6. Alba Vicente 12
  1. 1 Dpto Ciencias Farmacéuticas. Facultad de Farmacia. Universidad de Salamanca.
  2. 2 Campus Miguel de Unamuno. 37007. Salamanca

ISSN: 2445-1355

Year of publication: 2019

Type: Article

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The naturally occurring combretastatin (CA-4) and its analogue phenstatinare interesting molecules in medicinal chemistry (Figure 1, I), they block thepolymerization of tubulin, interacting with the colchicine binding site, and thiscompounds have displayed a high degree of cytotoxicity on several cancer cell lines.