Efectos de las técnicas de preparación del suelo y de la planta en repoblaciones con "Pinus halepensis" en medios mediterráneos semiáridosresultados de un ensayo a corto y medio plazo

  1. González Barberá, Gonzalo
  2. Martínez Fernández, José
  3. Albaladejo Montoro, Juan
Cuadernos de la Sociedad Española de Ciencias Forestales

ISSN: 1575-2410

Year of publication: 2004

Issue Title: Actas de la III Reunión sobre Repoblaciones Forestales

Issue: 17

Pages: 125-129

Type: Article

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A 5-year study of reforestation of a semiarid Mediterranean ecosystem with Pinus halepensis is presented. A total of 60 treatments were tested resulting from 12 site preparation ¥ 5 plant preparation techniques. Site preparation techniques showed a greater effect than plant improvements. Interactions between both factors were not significant.. The best result was obtained by the addition of fresh organic waste into the subsoiling line. Subosiling promotes higher survival than holes (0.91 and 0.75, respectively). The effect of the amendment increases till the fourth year. Protection with tubes was very effective in increasing height, but the effect is short-term. The magnitude and length of treatment effects showed a big temporal variability over the study period.