The Indo-European names of Central Hispaniaa study in continental celtic and Latin word formation

  1. Prosper, Blanca María

Publisher: Institut für Sprachen und Literaturen der Universität Innsbruck

ISBN: 9783851247398

Year of publication: 2016

Type: Book


This volume contains a novel study of the celtic dialects of the ancient Hispania which is mostly basrd on the personal, ethnic and divine names attested in Latin epigraphy in the territories traditionally ascribed to Cantabri, Autrigones, Turmogi, Pelendones, Arevaci and Olcades, with occasional references to neighbouring areas. It responds to the increasing expectations aroused by the current advances in the research of the European Trümmersprachen, and kindled by constant findings in the field of onomastic and a substantial of indigenous text.