New correlation coefficients for hesitant fuzzy sets

  1. Gonzalez-Arteaga, T.
  2. Alcantud, J. C. R.
  3. de Andres Calle, R.
Book Series:
Proceedings of the 2015 conference of the international fuzzy systems association and the european society for fuzzy logic and technology
  1. Alonso, JM (coord.)
  2. Bustince, H (coord.)
  3. Reformat, M (coord.)

ISSN: 1951-6851

ISBN: 978-94-62520-77-6

Year of publication: 2015

Volume: 89

Pages: 427-434

Congress: 16th World Congress of the International-Fuzzy-Systems-Association (IFSA) / 9th Conference of the European-Society-for-Fuzzy-Logic-and-Technology (EUSFLAT)

Type: Conference paper