La neología en la mística española tempranaLa subida del Monte Sión de Bernardino de Laredo

  1. Herrero Prado, José Luis
  2. Mancho Duque, María Jesús

ISSN: 1130-3336

Year of publication: 1996

Issue: 7

Pages: 123-158

Type: Article

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Early Spiritual Literature in the formation process of its specific lexicon introduces a set of neologisms, either through the promotion of the internal lexical laws of creation within the system, or using the formal loan words (fundamentally latin). In this paper we study neologisms in a book dated from the first half of the sixteenth century (1555-1558) that belongs to the franciscan «recogimiento »: La subida del Monte Sión by Bernardino de Laredo (a mistic book which will decisively influence future authors). Translation of biblical texts serve as a way of introduction to many formal words, but the lexical creativity, specially in the formation of adjectives, characterize the work of this franciscan from Sevilla.