Análisis de perfiles de espectros de infrarrojos: Programa de análisis de espectros mediante ordenador Macintosh y/o PC

  1. Silvia Raquel González Carrazán 1
  2. P. J. Benitez 1
  3. Vicente Rives Arnau 1
  1. 1 Departamento de Química Inorgánica. Universidad de Salamanca
Óptica pura y aplicada

ISSN: 2171-8814

Year of publication: 1992

Volume: 25

Issue: 2

Pages: 139-144

Type: Article

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A procedure for digital treatment of spectral data in a personal computer (Macintosh or PC) is performed by means of a curve fitting programme named Profile Analysis of Infrared Spectra (PAIS). Speetral data are collected on Perkin—Elmer Fourier Transform spectrometers (model 1730 or 16 PC) controlled by a Perkin Etmer Data Station or a PC—386 computer, respectively. Application of this programme for resolving composite profiles into their component peaks is also presented.