Características del elipsoide de deformación finita ligado a la segunda fase hercínica en áreas meso y catazonales del sur de la provincia de Salamanca

  1. Díez Balda, María Antonia
Studia geologica salmanticensia

ISSN: 0211-8327

Datum der Publikation: 1983

Ausgabe: 18

Seiten: 65-80

Art: Artikel

Andere Publikationen in: Studia geologica salmanticensia


In order to know the characteristics (shape, k value) of the finite strain ellipsoid associated to the second hercynian phase, conglomerate samples have been studied from epizonal areas (very little or non deformed along this phase) to meso-katazonal areas highly strained along this deformation. For comparative purposes, the theoretical strain paths, that would follow an initial strain ellipsoid (generated by the first phase) when a second deformation is superposed, have been calculated. For this superposition we consider second phase strain ellipsoids with different k values (which orientation is given by structural evidences). The strain path shown by these conglomerates is about the same to the theoretical one for an ellipsoid of second phase with an approximate k value of 1. These results are consistent with a simple shear deformation along the second phase.