Evaluación de un programa de asesoramiento al personal de enfermería para la mejora del clima laboral

  1. Moriano, MJ
  2. González B.
  3. Chimpén C.
Gestión y evaluación de costes sanitarios

ISSN: 1577-3558

Year of publication: 2004

Volume: 5

Issue: 4

Pages: 44-61

Type: Article

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Bearing in mind that: a) health care professionals cope with adverse situationswhich, in themselves, create illness (as a direct consequence of coming into contact with disease, death and overwhelming demand); b) patients and their familiesare much better informed and more demanding when it comes to their ownrights, c) the relative laxness in hierarchical structure can produce confrontationsamong members of the same health organisation which in turn cause stress inworkplace, and ultimately a dysfunctional working atmosphere; an assessmentprogram, adapted to nurses particular training needs was applied. The programwas itself evaluated by its participants and results were used to introduce modifications.In effect, participants compared their own ideal training program withone which they had just experienced.Using a Sample of 23 Participants results are postulated using Grid Technique ofKelly. Main conclusion drawn is that applied assessment program is valid when itcomes to enhancing working climate in nursing profession, given that it helps toidentify specific needs within working environment as well as teaches nurses skillswhich they might need in order to manage situations of high emotional content,as well as to improve personal aspects of work related to self esteem and catharsis.