Migration dynamics in Southern Europe in the 20th and 21st Centuries

  1. Mikolaj Stanek 1
  2. Angeliki Konstantinidou 2
  3. Vianello, Francesca Alice 3
  1. 1 Universidad de Salamanca

    Universidad de Salamanca

    Salamanca, España

    ROR https://ror.org/02f40zc51

  2. 2 University of Liège

    University of Liège

    Lieja, Bélgica

    ROR https://ror.org/00afp2z80

  3. 3 University of Padua

    University of Padua

    Padua, Italia

    ROR https://ror.org/00240q980

Migrants and refugees in Southern Europe beyond the news stories: photographs, hate and journalists' perceptions
  1. Carlos Arcila Calderón (ed. lit.)
  2. Andreas Veglis (ed. lit.)

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9781666903614

Year of publication: 2023

Pages: 11-36

Type: Book chapter