Algunas cuestiones de derecho internacional privado en torno al acogimiento transfronterizo

  1. Perazzo Aragoneses, María Catalina
Supervised by:
  1. Isabel Eugenia Lázaro González Director

Defence university: Universidad Pontificia Comillas

Fecha de defensa: 05 May 2023

  1. Jorge Cardona Llorens Chair
  2. Salomé Adroher Biosca Secretary
  3. Antonia Durán Ayago Committee member
  4. María Victoria Cuartero Rubio Committee member
  5. Mónica Herranz Ballesteros Committee member

Type: Thesis


In an increasingly globalized society in which people move cross-border, it is necessary to establish an adequate legal framework to make it easier for resolutions to move, guaranteeing those established jointly, Private International Law has this task. In this context, this thesis studies the opportunity offered by Private International Law instruments on parental responsibility to guarantee the right to live in a family by determining the most appropriate alternative care measure in accordance with their best interests through cooperation mechanisms between authorities provided for. . In particular, we investigated the extent of cross-border recognition provided for in the Convention on jurisdiction, applicable law, recognition, enforcement and cooperation in matters of parental responsibility and child protection measures, made in La Hague on October 19, 1996, and Council Regulation (EU) 2019/1111 of June 25, 2019 on jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement of decisions on matrimonial matters and parental responsibility, and on international abduction of minors (consolidated version), as well as the legal issues around it, to propose its correct specific use for migrant children deprived of parental care.