E-learning enhanced technology implementationa virtual campus case

  1. Hugo Rego 1
  2. Tiago Moreira 1
  3. João Branco 1
  4. Francisco José García Peñalvo 1
  1. 1 University of Salamanca, Department Of Computer Sciences,
eUniverSALearning, Congreso Internacional de Tecnología, Formación y Comunicación: actas del 1er Congreso Internacional. Salamanca, 12-15 de Septiembre 2007
  1. Antonio López Eire (dir.)
  2. Francisco José García Peñalvo (ed. lit.)
  3. Antonio Miguel Seoane Pardo (ed. lit.)
  4. Erla Mariela Morales Morgado (ed. lit.)

Publisher: Asociación Española de Estudios sobre Lengua, Pensamiento y Cultura Clásica

ISBN: 978-84-930218-4-9

Year of publication: 2007

Pages: 67-70

Type: Book chapter


In order to select an e-learning platform to implement on a VirtualCampus Project context we have to consider several factors. We present a e-learning framework “paradigm”. Then we present possible criteria, for a realscenario, to analyze e-learning platforms and tools where we cover aspects likeselection criteria, language support, standards and specifications complianceand the importance of usability and accessibility to the analysis of platformsand tools. We aim to give a perspective of the methodologies used for analyzinge-learning tools, since there are several aspects to take into account whenselecting e-learning platforms and tools to implement like the budget you haveavailable and the goals you wish to reach when using the platform.