Las construcciones temporales y su rendimiento en el texto escrito

  1. José M. Bustos Gisbert 1
  1. 1 Universidad de Salamanca

    Universidad de Salamanca

    Salamanca, España


De Estepa a Salamanca miradas en torno a la lengua
  1. Carmen Quijada Van den Berghe (coord.)
  2. Borja Alonso Pascua (coord.)
  3. Francisco Escudero Paniagua (coord.)
  4. Carolina Martín Gallego (coord.)
  5. Gema Belén Garrido Vílchez (coord.)

Publisher: Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca ; Universidad de Salamanca

ISBN: 978-84-1311-830-7

Year of publication: 2023

Pages: 1069-1087

Type: Book chapter


This paper deals with the use of temporal constructions in written texts in Spanish when they serve as adjuncts to the verbal phrase. Firstly, it evaluates how they are used in four discourse modes (narratives, descriptions, instructions and expositions): special atten-tion is paid to the frequency of use, to the differences observed between the textual types and to the discursive functions that each assumes. Secondly, the effectiveness of the nexuses for each kind of temporal relationship is determined. Thirdly, the morphological nature of the verb phrases as well as their individual effectiveness is examined. Finally, their location in relation to the main sentence which they modify is studied.