Hacia una Justicia digital en una era tecnológicala prueba electrónica en el proceso civil español

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Actualidad civil

ISSN: 0213-7100

Year of publication: 2023

Issue: 10

Type: Article

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In a context strongly marked by the presence of new technologies in many areas of our daily lives, that of the Administration of Justice wasn’t going to be less and so that it’s possible to speak of terms such as «e-Justice» and observe the incidence of ICT in proceedings and in Procedural Law, influencing institutions such as the evidence to the point of creating a new figure such as the «electronic evidence». In this work we will carry out an exam on this type of evidence and how it is articulated in civil proceedings, so that we will first address issues of a more general nature to later analyze each of the phases that make up the evidentiary procedure in matters of electronic evidence with the nuances and particularities that this figure presents. However, insofar as there isn’t an exhaustive regulation about this type of evidence, there will be no few questions that we ask ourselves and to which we will try to offer an answer.