New archaeological data for the study of the conquest and occupation of NW Iberia in Early Imperial times

  1. Costa García, José Manuel
  2. González Álvarez, David
  3. Fonte, João
  4. Menéndez Blanco, Andrés
Proceedings of the 24th International Congress of Roman Frontier Studies. Belgrade-Viminacium, Serbia, 2nd-9th September 2018 (Volume 1)

Publisher: Snežana Golubović

ISBN: 978-86-6439-091-0

Year of publication: 2023

Type: Book chapter


This paper synthesizes the research developed by the collective from the previous International Congress of Roman Frontier Studies in 2015 to 2019. During this three-year period, the methodology for identifying and documenting Roman military sites using remote sensing has been consolidated. Significant progress was made in studying some of these sites on the ground: Cueiru and El Xuegu la Bola (Asturias) and A Penaparda and Penedo dos Lobos (Galicia). This step forward allowed us to propose new narratives about the extension of the Roman state in NW Iberia and the role played by the Roman army in this process.