Ocupaciones prehistóricas en la cueva de Jou'l Llobu (Robellada, Onís, Asturias)

  1. Esteban Álvarez-Fernández
  2. Alberto Martínez-Villa
  3. Rosana Cerezo-Fernández
  4. Marián Cueto
  5. Marianne Christensen
  6. Cristina López-Tascón
  7. Sergio Martín-Jarque
  8. Krista McGrath
  9. Rodrigo Portero
  10. Ana C. Pinto-Lloma
Sautuola: Revista del Instituto de Prehistoria y Arqueología Sautuola

ISSN: 1133-2166

Year of publication: 2022

Issue: 27-28

Pages: 49-58

Type: Article

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The Jou'l Llobu cave is one of the cavities located in the course of the Güeña river (Asturias) in which the presence of prehistoric occupations is known. This article presents a set of archaeological materials from a non-systematic collection carried out from the middle of the last century and from excavations carried out at the beginning of this century. The lithic and bone materials, which lack a stratigraphic context, allow us to point out at least two periods of occupation in the cavity, one ascribed to the Solutrean and the other to the end of the Neolithic or the beginning of the Chalcolithic. Zooarchaeology by Mass Spectrometry (ZooMS) Collagen Fingerprinting technique has allowed us to approach the determination the origin of the raw material of animal origin used for the creation of some of the bone industry artifacts described here.