Area: Basic Psychology



Doctor by the Universidad de Oviedo with the thesis Estudio sobre las bases electrofisiológicas de la lectura Beatriz Bermúdez Margarito julio 2017 2017. Supervised by Dr. Fernando Cuetos Vega, Dr. Alberto Domínguez Martínez.

Degree in Psychology in 2012 (University of Oviedo, Spain), Master in Cognitive Neuroscience in 2013 (University of La Laguna, Spain) and PhD in Psychology in 2017 (University of Oviedo, international doctorate and Cum Laude mention) under the supervision of Profs. Fernando Cuetos and Alberto Dominguez. In 2013 I obtained a PhD fellowship that allowed me to specialize in the use of the electrophysiology technique (EEG) for the study of reading processes. After my PhD defense I obtained a postdoctoral position at the Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience (Centre for Cognition and Decision Making, HSE University, in Moscow, Russia), where I continued my research career as a Postdoctoral Fellow (2017-2021) under the supervision of Prof. Yury Shtyrov. There I got two fully-funded research projects (as PI) that allowed me to lead my own research team and deepen into the study of the neurobiology of reading and new word learning, using behavioral, EEG and eye tracking techniques. During my postdoctoral period in Moscow I combined research with teaching (in English) and administrative duties, supervising students at bachelor, master and PhD levels and managing human resources at my research group. I also became the Scientific Head of the EEG laboratory at the centre, supervising scientific projects carried out in the lab and managing human and material resources. In September 2021 I got a position of Profesor Ayudante Doctor at the University of Salamanca, in Spain (position promoted as permanent staff in 2023), where I teach Pychology of Learning and I continue my research line focused on the learning and brain representation of novel words in the first and second language. Since 2013 I have led 2 fully-funded, competitive research projects and participated in other 7 and national (6) and regional (1) research projects, and I have published 19 articles in high-impact, peer-review international journals indexed in WOS. I have carried out 4 pre-doctoral and 2 post-doctoral research internships in international and national highly renowned research centers. I have attended numerous national and international conferences, presenting both oral communications and posters and I have delivered courses and workshops related to the use of EEG in the study of reading, also participating in the elaboration of dissemination materials (including 6 different book chapters). This pre- and postdoctoral activity has significantly contributed to my internationalization, allowing me to establish and maintain fruitful collaborations with researchers from top universities worldwide (i.e.: Aarhus University, Ghent University or University of Edinburgh, among many others). Regarding my teaching and leadership experience, I have delivered classes and seminars for undergraduate, master and PhD students as well as non-specialized, dissemination seminars and talks, obtaining very favorable feedback. I have recently obtained a teaching innovation project for improving the learning process through research. I have supervised bachelor and master theses and I have co-supervised a doctoral thesis, recently defended in July 2023, on the electrophysiological bases of reading in different writing systems, with several research papers already published, submitted and in preparation for publication. I have led my own research team (as PI in two different projects), tutorized students in their scientific internships and supervised an EEG laboratory as scientific head. I have also participated in scientific evaluation processes, both as committee member in bachelor and master theses, as external reviewer of PhD dissertations and as reviewer for different WOS indexed journals, as well as in the organization of scientific events both as member and as head of the executive committe.