Theses Committees (9)

  1. Secretary of the Committee

    Nuclear structure studies on quadrupole and octupole correlations in the vicinity of heavy n=z nuclei with agata and neda 2022

    Universitat de València

    María de la Luz Jurado Gómez

  2. Committee Member

    Contributions to phase two of AGATA electronics 2020

    Universitat de València

    Javier Collado Ruiz

  3. Committee Member

    Estudios de la estructura nuclear de núcleos exóticos, los casos del ³¹Ar y ³³Ar 2018

    Universidad Complutense de Madrid

    Irene Marroquín Alonso

  4. Secretary of the Committee

    Optimization of 10Be and 26Ai detection with low-energy accelerator mass spectrometry 2017

    Universidad de Sevilla

    Grazia Scognamiglio

  5. Committee Member

    The next generation nuclear instrumentsagata and neda, and nuclear structure studies near n=z line 2017

    Universitat de València

    Tayfun Hüyük

  6. Secretary of the Committee

    Development of a data acquisition system using silicon detectors for PET applications 2016

    Universitat de València

    Vera Koleva Stankova

  7. Committee Member

    Medida de momentos magnéticos mediante campos transitorios con haces radiactivos en REX-ISOLDE 2014

    Universidad Complutense de Madrid

    Andrés Illana Sisón

  8. Secretary of the Committee

    Contributions to the new electronics of the AGATA gamma tracking detector. Design, implementation, test and integration of the digitizers control card 2013

    Universitat de València

    Diego Barrientos Turrión

  9. Secretary of the Committee

    Magnetic moment measurement in stable Sn isotopes using the transient field technique after Coulomb Excitation in inverse kinematics 2011

    Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

    Jennifer Deborah Walker