Area: Mechanics of Continuous Media and Theory of Structures


Doctor by the Universidad de Salamanca with the thesis Riesgo sísmico y análisis dinámico de presas arco-gravedad 2018. Supervised by Dr. José Luis Molina González, Dr. Reyolando M. L. R. F. Brasil.

Senior Engineer, Researcher, and Adjunct Professor. Visiting Professor at University State of São Paulo (UNESP), Brazil. Postdoc at Catholic University of Louvain (UCL), Belgium, in Structures. PhD from University of Salamanca (USAL), Spain, in co-tutorship with the University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil. Second PhD from University State of São Paulo (UNESP), Brazil, in Structures. Master and Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering - Structures from University of Roma Tre (Uniroma 3), Italy. 10 extension courses at USP and UNESP University. 16 grants/scholarships, 4 of which for stays in R&D centers: USP (2.5 years), UNESP (8 months) under ministerial scholarship "CAPES", University of Malaga (UMA), Spain (9 months), UCL (3 months) under "WBI excellence scholarship". 2 prizes. 9 years of technical experience in national/international companies/institutes (Italy, Brazil, Portugal) and 7 years of scientific experience. Member of 15 technical projects (6 large projects) and 11 funded research projects (8 more than 500k euro). Coordinator of 4 projects. More than 30 papers published in high impact journals (JCR, Scopus). More than 25 participations/presentations at congresses (5 as Invited Speaker). Member of the working group "Seismic behaviour of dams: World relevant cases" ITCOLD, Italy. Special Issue Editor for Infrastructures Journal (JCR). Member of the research group "CERIS-Coimbra" and "Experimental dynamic analysis of structures" (USP). Reviewer for more than 15 JCR journals. 2 co-orientations of bachelor/master students. Evaluation member for bachelor degree students. Technical committee member (5) and Organizer of Mini Symposia (3) for congresses/events.